What Were You Thinking?

Gathering around the table with both parents for dinner for my one and only Boo, boo for his birthday. As everyone made a fuss they all wanted Trayton to open his birthday present.

Giving Trayton a smile,  Shane said open mine first. as Trayton smiled back he said sure thing buddy and ripped paper off and opened the box. once the box was open pulled it half out, it said Weener Kleener Soap. giving Shane a look of disproval and a face that was fire red and said that he didn't feel to good and excussed himself from the table, but before he left he whispered, In the study in fifteen. He also said to make sure I had clean underwear on. 

What was supposed to be a nice evening with both In-laws they left for home.

Feeling a bit nervous I take my time and finish cleaning up, I thought to myself What was I thinking buying that. Oh well on to the study I go.

Walking in it seemed a little odd that the lights were off and Trayton no where to be found.  ok this is not like Trayton not being in the study when he said meet him here.

I also had a scary thought that someone kidnapped Trayton but I put that out of my mind, yes it was Halloween night,  went over to the closet and turned on the fuse box on, when all of sudden something or someone had a scream costume on popped out and went BOO and I went "EEK and backed myself in the corner. 

Minutes later Trayton walks over taking the mask off laughing hysterically.

GOTCHA! then to my surprise a swat landed on my backside, and the big scary guy said that is for embarrassing me with a present like that. it's something we give in private.

So now let's go upstairs and have a shower and brake it in.