Trust and Obey

Walking towards the house after being out of town for work, I saw bunch of cars parked. Inside, the house was full of people in the family room and mess on the floor with empty beer cans everywhere.
Looking over, I saw Shane and Dakota sitting there with beer and something that looked like white stuff on the coffee table.
“Shane Michael and Dakota James, do you mind telling me what's going on?”
"Umm, just having a few friends over.”
“I see!”
Giving them both a stern look, I told them to clean up and for everyone else to leave.
With a pointed finger, I beaconed Shane and Dakota over to the couch to sit.
“Do you mind telling me what's going on?” I repeated the question again.
"Well?” I gave them both an icy glare.
Shane looked at Dakota and both in unison said, “Harry.”
''Where is Harry?'' I asked a little irritated.
"Umm, he left.” Shane was red-faced with embarrassment and so was Dakota, as they started picking at some part of their clothing. They both had bloodshot eyes from the heroin they'd been sniffing.
"Alright, I want you both in corners to think good and hard on how you got yourselvesinto this predicament .
Then I went upstairs to shower and calm down.
Jumping in the shower, I slowly calmed down and began thinking what punishment would fit the crime.
Walking in the closet, I picked out a pair of old faded jeans and a long-sleeved shirt to wear, then went over to the bed. On Shane's side above the headboard hung Shane's paddle made of bamboo that we'd ordered online together. It had the words 'Butt Buster' engraved on it.
'Shane, Shane!'' I heard Dakota whispered as I walked down the stairs.
“We are so dead.”
As Shane was about to answer, I came into the room and interrupted his thoughts by saying ''Quiet, little boy.”
Heading into the kitchen, I grabbed a bottle of water and the list from the refrigerator that had the rules on it that we had agreed upon when we first met. Then I went back to the family room where Shane and Dakota were still standing their corners.
Although I was calm, I was far from happy with the two of them.
Walking over to the end table near the couch with the paddle and the list in hand, I called Shane over.
“Do you understand why you're about to be paddled?'' I firmly asked.
"Umm, yes sir.”
“Good let's go over the list.”
I could just imagine thoughts  like 'Oh goodie, here we go again with lecture that begins before my butt is toast' going through Shane's head. 
“Shane, eyes on me, not on the floor.'' I ordered ''Okay, let's start with trust. Can you tell me what that means?”
"Umm, well, ah, honor, loyalty, respect, and truth.'' Shane was beat red from embarrassment.
“Very good, now let me have my say. I trusted you while I was away that you wouldn't go back to your old ways of drinking and having beer parties. You did both and to top it off there were drugs brought in the house. You  put yourself and also Dakota in danger. From what I see, you have broken our trust. The first thing I'm going to tell you is that when this happens, especially on a big issue, you are pretty much going back to square one when we first started this relationship.”
“So what are you talking about, Trayton?” Shane asked me, rolling his eyes like he didn't care.
“Well for starters, you don't roll your eyes at me. You're grounded for month and my brother James will stay here while I'm out of town until I can trust you to obey the rules. Now that we have covered everything, drop your pants and underwear and bend over the couch”
Shane did as he was told and bent over.  Picking up the paddle, I laid the first swat which got his attention.
''Ouch!” he hollered, as he reached back to rub the sting out and turned around.
“Shane, turn back around and bend over!” I was losing patience.
Once Shane did what he was told to do, I resumed the paddling while lecturing Shane about the dangers that came with drugs and alcohol and putting a friend in danger.
Trayton I'm sorry. I'll never happen again.”
''No it won't,” I said with a smile. “and for being a smart aleck by rolling your eyes at me, you can go back and stand in the corner.”
“Dakota, come here,” I said.
As he walked over to meet, his eyes were ice cold and none too happy.
Dalton and I had made arrangements that if one of our partners was in trouble while one of us were away, then the other would take over being the disciplinarian and that we had the right to punish their brat.
“Dakota, look up and eyes on me, young man. I don't think I need to go over everything and to spare your dignity of baring your backside,  I'll let you keep your underwear on. Now drop your pants and bend over the couch. You'll receive six as Shane did, with the same lecture I gave him.” When done, I sent Dakota back to the corner until Dalton arrived from the airport.
  Moments later there was a knock at the door. Letting Dalton in, I explained that our partners had a field day this week, and they have been both punished.
They said their goodbyes, with the promise that Dakota wouldn't be sitting for a few days once Dalton is done with him.
Taking my brat's hand, I headed  to our chair for a little quite time. Then Shane brought up the hockey game.
"Ah, I take it the hockey game is out?” He was playing with the buttons on his purple dress shirt I gave him for a birthday present.
“Sorry, buddy, when I say you're grounded, that means you're to come straight home after work and nowhere else. As soon as you obey the rules and I can trust you, then we'll see. Now shhh.” I smiled and wiped away his leftover tears  as he drifted off to sleep. They tasted ever so salty.  'I love you'.  

The End

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