Looking Back

I was sitting at my desk and going over some old files when I saw a file with
Kenneth's name on it.

Going through it brought back bad memories of a bar fight that had eventually
ended up killing him a few days later.

It had been two years to the day when I found Shane in the same situation and
swore to myself that I wouldn't let the same thing happen to him.

It had been six weeks into our relationship when I had explained to Kenneth that
I wanted a discipline relationship. So together we had set up rules to follow
that provide the boundaries and guidance that Kenneth needed.

Kenneth was all for it and agreed. We decided to try six months and if it
seemed to help him, then we'd go for another six months.

Everything went well with only a few incidents that were minor. We tried time
outs, talking things out, corner-time and a few swats to get Kenneth's

Our relationship was fairly still new when that first awful incident occurred
at the bar, and I got a call from Officer Daltan Parker.

I rushed to the hospital and to Kenneth's bedside. He was pretty beaten up, but
a week later was home and back in a routine. The the next day a call came in on
my cell. It was Kenneth telling me he had left because he couldn't live in my
type of lifestyle anymore and had met someone else and that he'd be fine.

Looking back at the files once again where Kenneth's lay on top, I read the
black bold writing that said case solved, April 2010. He had been killed in a
drive by shooting.

I walked over to the open window and breathed in the cool air. Shane walked in
and leaned against me to breath in my leftover cologne.

I turned around and our lips touch ever so softly and with care. I heard Shane
softly whispered, "I Love you, Trayton."

With a smile, I repeated the words. "I Love you too, Shane." I know now Shane
is the one for me and I love him with all my heart and soul.

The End

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