I sit naked on the floor in my corner, pondering on my attitude towards the man I love. I had said some rather hurtful things to him.

Looking up at him, my eyes meet his.

His were on fire and telling me, `don't you dare!'

Looking away from him with tears, I continue to sit and ponder about what took place that morning.

It seemed like hours, but in reality it was only thirty minutes ago.

Then he walked over, knelt down in front of me, looked at me, smiled and dried my tears, and said, "Are you ready to talk?"

Getting up, I grab his hand and we headed for the study where most of our serious discussions take place.

Rubbing the sting from his powerful hand as it brought me back to my senses, I realized just how mean I've been to him.

Sometime later we both lay together, exhausted by the spanking that took place in the study. With him smiling down at me, I could see the anger had gone from his eyes and was replaced by his love and tenderness as we make love.

Smiling back, I knew we be fine again as we then made love again until dawn.

The End

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