The Nex Day


Jude sat on the edge of the bed watching the young man sleep. Jude thought how he put tears in the young man's eyes previous evening.

Xavier began to stir and his eyes flew open.  He began to move away from Jude's hand that lay upon his forehead, checking for fever.

"Woe, woe, sailor, I'm not going to hurt you''.

Once settled I returned my hand that laid gently on his forehead to check for fever once again.

''You must lie still,'' I told him. Jude went into the bathroom and got out the thermometer from the medicine cabinet up above the sink. I headed back to the bedroom.

While sitting in his nice comfortable bed Xavier remembered how nice Jude had been with providing Xavier with food in his stomach and a place to stay. I was about to get out of bed to leave  when Jude walked back into the bedroom with something that looked like a thermometer. I started to panic.

''Alright sailor, open up!  Jude asked.

Giving Jude a glare, I refused to cooperate and clammed my mouth shut.

Xavier, we can do this the easy way. Or, we can do it my way and my way only which is I will use a rectal thermometer.  I told him in a firmer voice.

I waited until he cooperated. When he didn't budge I gave him a snap with my finger and thumb together and snapped it on his thigh to leave a sting to let him know I was in control.

I repeated my warning again, when he still didn't move, I flung my finger and thumb together and brought it down harder on his thigh.

Giving Jude a glare I sat up and  crossed my arms. But I did as I was told.

Ignoring the attitude, I decided to cut him some slack,  and preceded on and took his temperature. A few minutes later and slight Increase in temperature Jude gave Xavier some Tylenol to bring the fever down.

"Get some sleep! You're exhausted! Jude told him. "Then we'll talk."

 While making lunch, a very sleepy, very relaxed Xavier with disheveled hair came into the small kitchen and sat down.

"How are you feeling?" I asked him. 

"Better as my stomach was giving me the grumbles."

"Good!" said Jude. "Eat this. You'll feel much better once you have food in you."

"Thank you," replied Xavier. "The toasted cheese and tomato soup was good." ''Umm, Jude, about earlier this morning,  I just thought you were going to beat me. Why I asked him?

Xavier got up, went  to the kitchen sink feeling the bile creep up his throat as tears trickled down his face. He mumbled something that sounded like a name Zack Peters.

Getting up from the chair I was sitting in. I walk over to the sink turning on the water faucet filling a cup of water and gave it to Xavier.

"Here drink this" I said.

Those stripes on your back, did this guy Zack Peters do this to you? Jude said a little irritated."

Xavier turned towards Jude and nodded his head and whispered yes."
 Xavier  what was your relationship with this guy like?

 Xavier sat down drinking the rest of the water that Jude had given him.  It was great. then it got worse and Zack began beating me, and he just flipped. that's when I left.

Ok  Xavier, tell me what kind of relationship did you both have, Jude asked?

We were in a discipline relationship Xavier said as he scratched his head.

Xavier, Jude said," I do need to tell you, I was in a discipline relationship and had a partner myself. He was in a drowning accident in the Atlantic ocean.

 Man sorry for your loss.  Xavier said feeling sad.
"Thank you," Jude said.

May I ask what happened?  Jude pulled out a chair and sat down, and suddenly feeling withdrawn and said John David was swimming in the ocean on our one year anniversary of being together and was pulled down by the undertow and swept out to sea. that was six years ago.

 Jude was sitting on the chair looking sad, decided this wasn't about him and  get back on track with Xavier.

Xavier, Jude said. I thought since you have no where to go right now and we'll be pulling out of the dock. why don't you stay with me until you get back on you feet.

Thank you Xavier said. Then he moved to a small couch and lay down and immediately fell asleep.

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