In Case Of The Chicken Pox


I pulled the covers off as I slid sideways until my feet hit the floor.   Then made my way to the bathroom to do my morning routine.  I was feeling a little tired and wanted to go back to bed but I had to be at the Carnation Farm by nine am.

Looking in the mirror as I shaved, I saw a red spot on my hand that looked like a mosquito bite.  Putting some cream on it I went down for breakfast.

"It's about time you came down," Trayton said.  "Breakfast is getting cold."

"Not hungry,"  I replied. Then I grabbed handful of cherrios and a cup of coffee.  I nuzzled into Trayton smelling the sent of his cologne.  I pulled back and said, "Goodbye."

Trayton grabbed my wrist turning me to face him. He whispered, "Be home by noon since you didn't have much for breakfast and take the rest of the afternoon off since you didn't sleep well."  Then he added, "Don't argue, just do it."

Sales have been great this past year on Carnations. And it was busy today too.  By mid morning I was doing inventory when all of sudden I started to itch.  I thought I must of got bitten by some mosquitos.

I finished up the paperwork and had just locked up the office when my cell went off.  It was Trayton.

"Do you know time it is?" Trayton said in a stern voice. 

Looking at my watch I saw it said two pm.  "Umm, two," I said coughing and sneezing at the same time. I started to itch my arm.  When I looked down my whole left arm was covered in little bites.  I discovered they weren't bites. I thought, 'I wonder if they were the Chicken Pox.'

"I'm on my way," I told him.  I thought back to my child hood and I don't  remember ever getting the Chicken Pox but the other kids in my neighborhood did.  So now as an adult I had them.

By the time I reached the front door Trayton was standing on the porch giving me, "I don't want to hear it." He swatted me hard and brought me up on my toes.

"Oww," I whined rubbing my backside. 

Trayton said, "Please go in the kitchen and find your corner and wait for me."

Walking over to my corner I tried to protect my butt from the hand that swiftly swatted me hard again. While standing still I began to itch so bad I stripped down to my thong scratching my balls.

"Arms at your side," Trayton said still firm. "Looks like you have a case of the Chicken Pox.  Try not to scratch."  Then he left the kitchen and I heard water running.

A little while later Trayton came back after he was calm, and said to sit my pock - dot butt down on the chair.
Along with a lecture and a scolding on me being home by lunch I got grounded and a early bedtime for the next week and writing lines.

Trayton lead me upstairs to the bathroom giving me a warm bath with baking soda then some Tylenol for the high fever.

A few weeks later all the spots were almost gone only a few on my butt. 

The both of us broke up laughing when Trayton said that I looked stunning in my thong even with a pock-a-dot butt.

The End

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