Corner Confession

"Strip!" Trayton told Shane and sent him off to his corner to think of what he
did wrong.

Looking at Trayton with tears in his eyes, Shane did what he was told.

Walking in the bathroom, Trayton striped and showered. Once done, he went to

Seeing Shane shift from foot, to foot, Trayton went behind him and opened the
window to let in the morning sunshine and cool breezes.

Putting his hand on Shane's shoulder, he rubbed the tension away while Shane
confessed to going back to Charlie's bar when he was told not to go.

"Trayton, I'm so so sorry that I lied to you about going back to the bar."

"Thank you, apology excepted." Still rubbing the tension out of Shane's
shoulder, Trayton ran his hand down his partner's back and stopped at the top of
his behind. He easily slipped in, hitting a bundle of nerves. Then pulling out,
he slipped it back in and caused Shane to cry out his name.

Taking Shane's hand, they slid down to a sitting position. Then turning Shane's
head to the side, Trayton blew in his ear and began trailing kisses down his
neck. Trayton repeatedly whispered that everything would be okay, and it's been
taken care of. Then he said "I love you."

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