Leprechaun and Lucky Charms Cereal

Getting low on groceries, Trayton and Shane decided to go shopping after leaving
the farm.

Walking in the cereal aisle, Trayton grabbed a few healthy boxs of cereal and a
box of Lucky Charms for his partner.

Once the grocery shopping was finished, they headed home for a cozy night
together by the fireplace.

They were lying about somewhat exhusted from having erotic sex, when he heard a
noise in the kitchen. They looked at each other and then went into the kitchen
to see what the noise was.

But when they found nothing out of the ordinary or out of place, they both
decided to go to bed.

Later that night, while they were sleeping, a mischievious little man in green
walked in their bedroom. He quietly went over to Trayton's dresser and pulled
out underwear. Next, he headed to the other dresser and pulled the same things.
Then he went downstairs, grabbed the green boots and the TV remote, and quietly
slipped out with all of it in his arms.

The next morning, Trayton finished up in the shower and went to wake up his
sleepy partner.

Shane crawled out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

Trayton went to get dressed and discovered he didn't have any underwear.

"Shane baby, can you please come here?" Trayton requested. "Is there any reason
why I don't have any underwear?" he asked when Shane came out of the bathroom.

Giving Trayton a goofy look, Shane said, "Why would I take your underwear?"

Trayton decided to check Shane's dresser and discovered his were gone too.

Thinking back to yesterday when they went shopping, Trayton remembered putting a
box of Lucky Charms in the cart.

Trayton took the box of Lucky Charms out and saw that the leprechaun's picture
was gone from the box!

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