In The Beginning - Part 2

After Trayton left, Shane thought about what Trayton had said about getting to
know each other better and be willing to give it a go. Heading to bed early that
night, Shane found himself tossing and turning and lying wide awake most of the
night, nervously thinking about the next day.

Work went slow the next day for Shane as there was not too many customers in to
buy carnations for their loved ones.

Shane worked on carnation farm that had originally belonged to his
great-grandfather. The eight-acre farm had been passed down to first Shane's
grandfather and then to his father, so Shane never had a problem finding work.
The day was winding down and nearing time to go home and clean up.

Meanwhile Trayton was just finishing up some last minute papers that needed to
be mailed the next day. As he walked out to his car to go pick up Shane, he
thought back to yesterday and their conversation on Shane's messy apartment and
the fight that he'd been in. Trayton still thought the fight sounded a little
fishy and he intended to get to the bottom of it.

It was early enough, when Shane went to the bedroom to get ready. Throwing every
piece of clothing from the closet onto the floor, he found his favorite green
shirt with a slight tear in it and his nice jeans; then slapped on some cologne.

Pulling in the parking spot, Trayton turn off the engine and look in the mirror
to take one last look, then got out and locked the door since this is a bad
neighborhood. Walking up to Shane's door, he rang the doorbell.

A tall figure came to the door and opened it. "Umm, you're early," Shane said.

"How about a `hello'?"

"Oh yeah! Hello. Sorry, man."

"That's okay," Trayton said and gave Shane a nod and a smile. "Let's go."

Once they arrived at pizza hut, they found a booth and ordered a meat lovers'
pizza and two waters.

"So, Shane, tell me a little about yourself."

"Well, since you know I'm 27, we don't have to cover that. I have three brothers
and two sisters. I had a tough time growing up. I basically kept to myself for
most of time and never was into girls. I hit a rough patch a few years ago when
I came out and told my parents I was gay. My father had a hard time excepting
the fact I came out. I guess it made it easier for him when I was thrown out of
the house. We are now on somewhat good terms. My mother told me she would always
love me no matter what. I've dated few times and I met Reggie a year ago. But
things got real bad when he started abusing me and I was kicked out once again.
Okay, now it's your turn to tell me about you," Shane said.

"Well, my parents met in Paris, France in the early 70's while working as
criminal lawyers. They married and moved back to the United States. They had two
boys; James, the oldest and me. I came out when I was 16, but my parents had
some idea back before I turned 13. We've had some trying times, but they have
come to understand it better. I graduated collage and also became a criminal
lawyer. At times it takes me to Europe. I met Kenneth there while I was on a
case. We were together for about a year and a half. We had agreed to live my
lifestyle. I said he could leave if he didn't want to, but to give it six
months. We hit the two month mark and I came home to find him gone. There was no
note, but he left a message on my cell saying he didn't want that kind of
lifestyle and that he'd be fine."

"Umm," Shane said nervously. "What lifestyle are you talking about?"

"Why don't we finish eating and then swing by the police station to pick up your
wallet?" Trayton suggested. "Then we can go back to your place and talk."

"Oh okay," Shane said, suddenly feeling shy.

"Let's go, buddy!"

Arriving at the police station, Shane was quiet and looked worried. He started
to panic a little.

"Would you like me to come in with you or are you okay by yourself?" Trayton

"No thank you, I can handle it okay. I'm not a child, alright?"

Raising his eyebrows, Trayton gave Shane a stern look and said, "When you calm
down we can go inside together and get your wallet."

Giving Trayton a dirty look, Shane said, "Whatever." He realized what he'd just
said and apologized. "I guess I'm a little tired."

"You're forgiven."

Shane calmed down and they went in. Once inside, they headed for the desk. A
tall good looking man with sandy blond hair and a nice tan, who looked like he
was a body builder, was sitting there talking on the phone.

"I'll be with you in a minute," he said.

Shane saw the badge that read Officer Dalton Parker. The name sounded familiar.
`Now, that I think of it, he's the one who broke up the fight I started,' Shane
thought to himself.

When Trayton started to talk to Officer Parker, Shane started to fidget and knew
he was so busted.

"Why don't we go sit down and wait until Officer Parker comes back from getting
your wallet?" Trayton asked.

Once Officer Parker came back, he handed the wallet to Shane and told him he
needed to keep a closer eye on his wallet.

"Thank you, Officer Dalton. I'll see to it that he does. It was good seeing you
again," Trayton said.

"It's been my pleasure, Trayton. We should get together sometime."

"That would be great!" Trayton agreed and then they left.

The ride in the car was quiet. Trayton looked over at Shane, who was looking out
the window and was a little dazed.

"Hey buddy, you alright?" Trayton asked.

Shane turned around and made eye contact with Trayton. "Sorry man, just not real
talkative right now."

Shane looked back to the window and started to think about their first date. `It
was going well until we were at the police station to pick my wallet, then it
just went downhill from there. Officer Parker was the one who found me in
Charlie's bar and broke up the fight. He said if he ever finds me in the bar
again, he'll arrest me and throw me in jail.

Last night Trayton found me beat up and took me home, and then took good care of
me. How I crave for his love and friendship, and to feel safe again.' Shane kept
his thoughts to himself.

"Shane... Shane... buddy, you okay?" Trayton asked.

"Yeah, I guess."

Once inside Shane's apartment, Trayton got a surprise he wasn't looking for.
There were dirty dishes in the sink, and books that looked like they were just
tossed about. Slightly annoyed, he went over and got out two waters out of the
refrigerator and set them on the table. He gave Shane a nod towards the chair
and said, "Sit, we need to talk."

Once they were sitting down, Trayton started talking. "Shane, at the restaurant
you asked me what kind of lifestyle that I'm living."

"Umm, yes sir, I did."

"Well, I live in a DP Relationship. Do you know what that is?"

"No sir, I don't."

"Well, it's where someone takes on the role as head of the household, and makes
sure he and his partner follow the rules they set up. That someone gives
guidance to his partner and makes sure he is healthy and safe. Most importantly,
that someone lets his partner know he is loved. Do you understand what I'm
saying? Shane buddy, you need to look at me when I'm talking!"

"Sorry, Trayton, my mind was elsewhere."

Raising his left eyebrow and looking into Shane's beautiful eyes, Trayton
repeated the question. "Do you understand?"

Looking up at Trayton, Shane nodded. "Yes, sir. What kind of rules will there
be?" He looked away from Trayton, embarrassed.

"Shane buddy, I need you to look at me and not chew on your nails." Once Trayton
got Shane's attention, he continued. "I understand we've only been together for
a few days, but from the time we met in the diner, I've seen so many things in
you that I love, and things that need my attention."

Shane looked back up to Trayton. "I also have the same feelings, Trayton, of
being wanted and loved and cared for more than Reggie ever did. I'm ready to
listen to what you have to say about the rules."

"Alright then, but I want your eyes up and not down while I'm talking."

"Yes sir, I am."

"Rule number one: lying is a big no-no. Second rule, I do not tolerate temper
tantrums, and I don't tolerate disrespect. Third rule, I don't approve of

Shane thought back to the police station when Officer Parker was talking to
Trayton, probably about the bar fight, and he remembered lying about the wallet.
`I'm so busted!' he thought before bringing his thoughts back to the present.
"What will happen if I break the rules?"

Giving Shane a smile, Trayton went on to explain that there will be corner-time,
writing lines or essays, and any extra chores that need to be done. Lastly he
told Shane if he put himself in danger there would be an automatic paddling.

"Oh, this is a little more than I bargained for, Trayton."

"Shane, why don't you take the weekend to think it over, then we can talk about
it some more, okay?"

Shane gave Trayton a nod. "Okay."

"It's getting late and it's time for me to leave.\," Trayton said.

"Wait! Don't leave. Please stay."

Seeing Shane's pleading eyes, Trayton sighed. "Sure thing, buddy. Why don't you
get ready for bed while I lock things up? I'll be there in a minute to say

Once Shane got settled, Trayton went over and kissed him on the forehead, then
headed to the bathroom. He almost fell over the pile of clothes on the floor. It
got him thinking that, maybe this was Shane's way of get his attention. `Well,
he's got it alright. It's time for that chat!' Trayton thought.

Two days later, Shane was in the bathroom taking a shower and thinking over the
last couple days of having Trayton here and them enjoying each other's company.
He gave some thought about what Trayton offered, and decided it was time to let
Trayton know what he'd decided.

Trayton had given Shane the weekend to think about what they'd discussed, hoping
he'd make the right choice for a better life with the guidance that Trayton
could provide.

"Shane, please come here. We need to talk," Trayton said. "Hey buddy, did you
think about what we discussed?"

"Umm, yes sir."

"Great! Let's sit and talk."

Shane grabbed a chair and sat next to Trayton.

Trayton thought there is no way Shane was going to go for this. "Shane, I need
you to look at me and stop picking at your nails." Once Trayton got Shane's
attention, he began. "Have you decided what your answer is?"

"Yes sir, I have."

"Great! Do you understand what this means?"

"Yes sir."

Trayton nodded. "Good. It means, Shane, that I call the shots and that goes for
your health and safety and any dangerous situations you put yourself in, and to
correct any misbehavior I see from you. Shane, we also need to talk about this
mess you left."

"Umm, okay," Shane said nervously.

"Is there a reason why your clothes and books were thrown about?"

"Well, I'm in my last year in college. I was working on a paper about different
plants and thought I really don't need this. So I threw them and said to myself,
`what the flippin, I work in a greenhouse.' I don't need this."

Looking Shane in the eye, Trayton said, "So what you're telling me is you're
going to school and taking a class in Horticulture and decided you don't need to
learn anymore."

"Mmm," Shane nodded and said, "yep!"

"Alright," Trayton turned serious and gave him an icy glare that would stop
anyone in their tracks. "Did you start that fight last week and then lie about
your wallet?"

"Well, kinda of." Shane fiddled with his shirt.

Raising his left eyebrow, Trayton said in a stern voice, "Either you did or you
didn't. Which one is it, Shane?"

"Well, you see they…."

"Hush, and answer the question!"


"Please do not raise your voice at me, young man!" Trayton spoke to Shane in his
sternest voice ever, repeating the question once more and asking to be answered
in a more civilized manner.

By now Shane was wiping his face as the tears were coming down. Looking up at
Trayton, he nodded. "Umm, yes sir."

Walking up to Shane, Trayton grabbed his arm and turned him around and landed
four hard spanks on his behind.

"Oww, what did you do that for?"

"That was for your attitude." Then Trayton turned Shane back around and into a
crushing hug and told him it will be okay.

Once they'd cleared the air, Trayton told Shane to pick up his books and clothes
and put them away neatly and then start on the dishes.

It took part of the day to get the apartment clean with Shane complaining all
the while.

Once everything was put back to its rightful place, Trayton grabbed Shane's hand
and went into the bedroom to discuss Shane's fighting and lying. He told him he
was grounded for a month and to write two hundred times, `I will not put myself
into dangerous situations'. Trayton also told Shane that he is to come by
Trayton's office every day after work and find a corner to stand into and
reflect on what he'd done wrong until it was time to go home.

"Are we clear on how things are going to go?" he asked Shane in a firm voice.

Looking up at Trayton with tears running down his face, Shane faintly tasted the
salt from them and said. "Yes sir, crystal clear."

"Thank you, Shane." Trayton then leaned in and gave Shane hug and kissed his
forehead. "I want you to go and pack a few things. You're coming home with me
for a few days. We'll figure this out together and things will be okay."

"Trayton, I'm sorry for the way I've acted."

"Hey buddy, we'll get through this. But it's going to take some time and a
little work from the both of us. Go on now."

The End

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