Never Say `Whatever' To Your Top

Coming back from his afternoon jog, Shane decided to check the mail before
Trayton got home from work. Luckily the mailman had just left. Feeling a bit
nervous and hoping the bill from the Doctors hadn't come yet, Shane was
disappointed when he saw two from them lying in the mailbox. He quickly stuck
them in his back pocket and went inside.

"Honey, I'm home! Shane baby, where are you?" Trayton called out upon arriving
home. Just then the phone rang. He answered to discover it was Doctor Smith
calling to remind Shane of his missed appointment and to reschedule. The call
was also to remind Shane of the last two late payments. "Thank you, doctor. I'll
let him know."

Thinking back to a couple weeks ago, Trayton remembered having told Shane he
needed to see the doctor about getting a yearly physical and getting a stronger
medicine for his migraines, plus some other type of medicine for his motion
sickness. Ever since then, Shane had been in miserable mood and his behavior has
landed him with corner-time and he'd been given extra chores to do.

Walking out of the shower, Shane saw Trayton leaning against the door with his
arms crossed. He walked over still naked. He breathed in this morning's leftover
cologne on Trayton as he ran his lips down on his cheek, moving to where our
lips locked.

Just as that moment ended, Trayton grabbed Shane's wrist and whispered in his
ear. The firmest of his voice enough to chill you to the bones. "You have five
minutes to get dressed and be in the study facing the wall. Do I make myself

Without thinking, Shane rolled his eyes and yelled, "WHATEVER! FINE!" and
stomped off.

"Freeze, young man!"

Shane stopped dead, knowing he was in deep trouble.

Trayton gave Shane a glare. "Front and center, now!"

Still angry, Shane turned around hesitantly and walked over.

"Do you mind telling me what's going on?" Trayton inquired; his voice still
dangerously low.

"No, I rather not."

Trayton grabbed Shane's arm, turned him and landed a couple hard swats to the
seat of his wet behind. Then told him he had three minutes left to be dressed
and in the study facing the wall. He landed another swat to get his message

"Am I making myself clear?" Trayton said.

Shane glared at his partner. "WHATEVER!" Then he stomped off to the bedroom,
slamming the door hard twice.

Out in the hallway, Trayton stood and counted to ten to calm down before going
into the bathroom to clean up. When finished, he picked up the dirty clothes to
take downstairs to the laundry room and give Shane some time to cool off.

Once dressed, Shane made his way down to the study.

As Trayton dropped the wash in the washer, something fell out from one of
Shane's pockets. It was the two envelopes from Doctor Smith's office. Trayton
picked them both up, opened them up, and read them. Shane had missed two

It had been fifteen minutes since Trayton had sent Shane to the corner. It was
time to deal with his Brat's unacceptable behavior before it got any further out
of control.

"Shane, please come and sit. We need to talk."

Walking over, Shane sat down. "Umm, I'm sorry about earlier."

"Thank you, love." Trayton pulled out the bills and watched as Shane started to
get nervous and chew his nails. "Do you mind explaining these? Why didn't these
bills get paid?"

"Well you see, Trayton, I planned on paying them, but Dakota and I went on some
errands and just lost track of time."

"So what your telling me, Shane, is you decided to blow off paying bills that
were due two weeks ago. Then to top it off, you missed your scheduled
appointment. Shane buddy, I remember telling you weeks ago to get a yearly
physical. Am I correct?"

"Okay, WHATEVER! Are we done here? Because I need to start supper," Shane boldly
responded, getting to his feet.

"No, we are not. Sit down! Now!"

"FINE!" With that, Shane plopped back down on the couch.

"Pardon? Answer without the attitude, please."

"WHATEVER!" Shane dared to repeat.

With that Trayton stood up and pulled Shane up. He landed two hard swats on his
behind and pointed a finger back to the couch. "You, my friend, are in serious
trouble. Right now, I'm the only one who will be talking and you're going to
listen. For starters, you came home in a grumpy mood; then you stomped off in a
tantrum. Next, I find out you've skipped your appointment and not paid your
bills. Your telling me `Whatever' several times is a big no-no. Oh, and let's
not forget the door slamming." Taking a deep breath, Trayton let it out slowly.
"Well, it stops now!" He then ordered Shane to stand up. "Give me your belt,
please, and drop your jeans and underwear."

"Trayton, please not that," Shane begged. "I'm really sorry."

"I'm sorry too, Shane, but coming home in a foul mood, throwing temper tantrums
and slamming doors is unacceptable. You know better than that. Now do as you're

Shane did know better, but he hadn't thought he'd get caught. Now he stands
there with tears running down his face. He undid his belt buckle and button,
allowing his jeans and underwear to slide down to his ankles.

Next he handed the belt over to Trayton. By now Shane knew what was ahead of
him, and the thought caused the tears to fall more rapidly. He felt like the
school boy called to the principal's office.

"Turn around and put your hands on the desk," Trayton said in a firm voice.

Shane shuffled over and put his hands on the desk.

"I don't think there's anything more we need to discuss," Trayton told Shane,
rolling up his sleeves. Folding the belt and putting his hand on the small of
Shane's back, Trayton bent him over and brought it down hard on his pale cheeks.
Once more with a little more force, had Shane's feet off the floor and his hand
flying back.

Grabbing Shane's hand, Trayton held it tight so that he couldn't break lose and
continued with the belt twice more. It brought Shane to a sobbing state and he
went limp.

"So sorry, Trayton, It won't happen again, I promise."

"No, Shane, it won't happen again. We've been over this so many times. We are
dealing with your health. It would just kill me, Shane, if something went wrong
with you. I love you too much to let you go."


"Up, come and sit," Trayton patted his lap.

Shane sat down and nuzzled against Trayton's chest for a cuddle. The sobbing had
slowed down to sniffles.

"Sorry, Trayton."

"I know you are. Just remember to think before you do something and we won't
have to revisit the belt."

"Yes, sir."

"Shane buddy, I want your full attention. There's still a few more things we
need to discuss. There will not be any more slamming doors in this house, and I
particularly don't like you using the word `whatever'. It's disrespectful to me
and to others. So the rest of your punishment will be as follows. I want you to
go into the garage and get a screwdriver. Then I want you to unscrew every door
upstairs. When you're done with that, I want the screws. I also want you to
write `whatever' two hundred times. Finally, you'll be calling the doctor's
office and making an appointment. You are also grounded until further notice. Am
I making myself clear?"

"Yes, sir."

Grabbing Shane, Trayton pulled him into a crushing hug, kissed him, and then
gave his belt back.


"Yes, love?"

"Thank you."

"Thank you for what I said?"

"Umm, for getting me back on the straight and narrow."

"Love you, buddy."

With red eyes from crying, Shane smiled and said, "I love you too."

The End

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