Connecting Dot to Dots

Shane had walked in from work with attitude and was getting sassy with me because I was getting on him about coming home for a decent lunch.  He was also upset on having an early bedtime every night until I said further notice. He shouted that nine pm was for sassies and he stomped off towards the steps.

"Corner Now!” I had barked.

Shane shifted from his right leg, then to the left while I rubbed the sting from the hand I had just used on his pokadot butt.

I walk up behind Shane asking him, ''Are we done with the attitude?''

Giving me a nod and a teary eyed smile he said, “Yes sir,” and apologized for his bad behavior.

“Thank you,” I said then swatted him a few more times so he would feel it for the next couple hours.  I firmly said, “The attitude and the tantrums stops here and now!"

Changing my tone, I softly whispered to Shane, “You look hot in that thong.”  He became as aroused as I was through my boxer shorts.

Leaning into Shane, I gently put my hand on his somewhat bare behind where the scabs from the chicken-pox were healing and said, “We're going to play a game of dot to dot and I'm the leader and you'll obey everything I say, if you disobey I'll make sure you don't sit for the next forty-eight hours!” 

"Are we clear?”


"Yes what?" I asked quietly, but firmly."

“Yes sir.”

“Good.  Let’s begin,” I said as I pulled his thong down.

I raised my left hand to touch each pox mark like I was connecting dots.  There was one scar that was right near Shane's butt crack.  I slipped a finger in and hit his sweet spot then slipped out, then in again.  My other hand went on his fully erect cock sliding back in forth. Shane made a rough sound of pleasure.  I softly said, “You'll cum when I tell you to." 

Reaching behind me I picked up the lube and slathered my swelled cock and slid it in deep then pulled out, pounding into Shane.

The race to climax drove us both crazy, our bodies connected, then I whispered, "Now Boy.”  Shane came with an animal roar, spurting so hard I felt it hit the wall.

We were both sweaty. And when we both went limp I pulled out.  I gave Shane a relaxed smile then went in bathroom to grab a washcloth to wipe both of us off.  Returning to him I said, “You played well.”

“Umm,” Shane asked, “am I in trouble?”

“What do you think?” I replied.

''Yes sir,” he answered as his head went down so he looking at his feet.

“You’re so right. I'm giving you lines to write.” I agreed.  “I want you to write the definition of attitude two hundred times, and want it done by tomorrow night.  Is that clear?”

“Crystal clear!”

“Good. You have an hour before bed so get started,” I said giving him butterfly kisses. Then I went and showered.

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