"Walking in the door from work I was greeted by my wonderful brat Shane sliding down the banister. As we met face to face Shane knew Instantly he was caught.

"Umm, hello Trayton, you're home early."

Giving Shane a stern look, I pointed to the steps. Shane knew I wasn't fooling around but he didn't move either.

Alright, I thought to myself, we'll do this the hard way and left Shane at the bottom of the steps. I went into the kitchen and grabbed the large heavy wooden spoon from the drawer by the kitchen sink.

I went back to where I left Shane, who was still there wearing nothing but his Jockie underwear. He was damp from the shower and was chewing on his nails, which he does when he's in trouble. Grabbing his arm I turned him around, giving him half a dozen swats to his behind. As he tried to break free I landed another swat on the back of his legs.

I got his attention. When he felt the sting from the spoon he stopped.

I Iooked Shane in the eyes said, "Do you remember the rule on sliding down the banister?"

Sniffling back the tears brought on from the swats from that dreaded wooden spoon Shane said, "No sir, I guess I forgot."

Alright then and pointed my finger towards the stairs. " Sit and ponder for awhile on why you're not allowed to slide down the banister. I want you quiet and your hands underneath you. I'm going to make a few phone calls before supper."

Hanging up from the Travel Agency, I puttered around the kitchen, washed a few dishes. I made a start on supper to give Shane time to think.

"Trayton my butt is numb from sitting here on the steps " Shane yelled. Ignoring the yell and the whining from Shane I continued on making supper.

This went on for at least couple of times, then the last one was just enough to push me to my limit. I went into the hallway and with a stern voice I said, "quiet."

Thirty minutes later I went back in the hallway and discussed the rule on sliding down the banister. I told Shane, if it happens again there will be consequences that would involve in a paddling. Is that understood"?

"Yes sir, It's understood."

" Alright then you may get up, go wash your face hands and get the table set, " I instructed my brat.

When Shane got up he walked over to me. With his hands behind his back and head down he apologized.

"Thank you," I said. Then with a finger on his chin I lifted it to make eye contact. Wiping away any leftover tears I hugged Shane and with a smile I kissed him.

Everything was back to normal, like nothing happened and we asked each other how their day was.

Once the dishes were washed and put away, I walked up to Shane putting my arms around his waist, he gave a little jump and started to back away from me. Thinking he was going to get swatted and he started to protest. I turned him around so he's facing me. When he started to protest again, I put my finger up to his lips silencing his protest and said, "How about we take a walk down to Echo Lake? I have a couple of things to talk to you about."


It was a pleasant walk to Echo Lake. We found a nice spot on the ground and sat down. We sat in quiet and admired the beauty of the lake.

Grabbing Shane's chin, I turned his so he was looking right at me. "Have I told you lately that I love you?" I asked him.

He dropped his head and started picking at his nails.

Lifting his head again, I gently removed his fingers and held them. I planted a hard hiss on his lips. I could feel myself, and Shane, getting aroused.

I unzipped Shane's zipper and pulled his jeans down just enough to reach inside. I wrapped my hand around him, moving up and down. I started slowly then I picked up the pace. With a shiver and a groan, he spurted in my hand.

When Shane found his release, I unzipped my own pants, and as my love watched me, I brought myself to my own release. Shane's eyes full of lust, turned me on.

With both of us relaxed, I knew the time was right. After zipping back up, I knelt on one knee. Taking Shane's hand, I asked, "Will you be my husband?"

With tears back in Shane's eyes and a smile on his face, he answered, "yes, I'd be happy to be your husband."

"Trayton thank you for tonight." Happy that things had settled and calmed down, Shane said, "let's finish this at home."

Hours after we'd gotten back home, we lay on our bed, sated from our lovemaking. I hadn't realized Shane had it in him. I'd given up some control and let Shane lead us. He was fabulous.

As the weeks past by, we made guest lists of family and a few friends. We'd made the decision to have a small wedding in the backyard. We'd put in a waterfall and a bridge with an archway that had roses growing through it.

One night we sat down and talked about what kind of wedding to have. Shane wanted to have a Sand Ceremony that he'd researched on the internet. We talked about it for some time, then decided that it was what we both wanted.

On the big day, parents and guested arrived. They mingled together; talking and laughing. It was a beautiful day to have a wedding.

Henry Smith, a very good friend of ours, who was a part time minster was delighted to be part of our wedding.

Standing in front of minster, watching Shane smile and looking happy, I knew I found the love of my life.

Winking at him and mouthing to him, "I love you," his smile just got bigger.

Looking at the minster as he smiled at me he gave me the nod to be first. As I looked at Shane Henry said, repeat after me :You are my love for eternity. I blend with you. My heart is like these grains of sand, merging with yours. I am yours. you are mine. We are together forever like the sand, like the wind, we are one.

I looked at Henry, and he smiled and nodded to be to begin. As I looked at Shane, Henry said, "Repeat after me. You are my love for eternity. I blend with you. My heart is like these grains of sand, merging with yours. I am yours. You are mind. We are together forever line the sand, like the wind. We are one."

Shane once again with tears and sniffling repeated the same words to me and this time I was sniffling, Shane mouthed back to me saying "I love you too.

Shane had tears in his eyes and sniffled as he repeated the words to me. I was sniffling too. Shane mouthed to me, "I love you, too."

Henry said, "Rings please."

Once the rings were exchanged and vows said, the minister said "You may kiss your new husband."

Henry turned to us and pronounced us as Trayton and Shane Conrad.

Henry looked out at our guest and said, "Trayton and Shane have chosen to include this Sand Ceremony in today's service." He continued on with the ceremony.

Each of you stands before a vase of colored sand. These sand colors represent the separate life paths that you were taking, each with your distinct circle of family and friends. Then your paths crossed and a new journey has begun. Today, all of us are here to support you as you continue along this new path as husband and partner.

We have witnessed the exchanging of your wedding vows and wedding rings. In a moment, I ask that each of you pour a small portion or your colored sand into the central vase. This will represent the separate lives that each of you once led and the foundation for your new relationship. Trayton poured only a portion of colored sand followed by Shane.

Today you have committed to share the rest of your lives together. Now I ask that you simultaneously pour the remaining portions of your sand into the central vase. This blending sand symbolizes your loving union and the single path you will continue to travel together "from this day forward..."

It is my sincere hope and prayer, and of those here today, just as these grains of sand can never be separated and returned to this original place, so too will your journey as husband and partner remain strong and united.

Henry poured the sand into a third vase and blessed our marriage.

We walked down the middle of where the guests were sitting. In the front yard, there the car was sitting waiting for us to leave for the airport.

While sitting waiting to leave Shane asked me, "where are we going?"

Giving Shane a smile, I said, "we are going to St. Kits."

The End

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