Since dinner was a disaster I thought I'd make it up to Trayton for being a total shithead.

Dropping the keys on the end table by the stairs I went up behind Trayton and whispered in his ear, "I want to pounce on you."

''Please, Shane,'' he said with a smile then leaned into me kissing me hard on my lips.  He parted them with his tongue while making love to them.

Grabbing Trayton by the hand I led him up to our bedroom where we could be more comfortable.

Reaching up with my hand I unzipped Trayton's zipper taking hold of his raging cock.  "You feel so good,'' I whispered as I
wrapped my fingers around his cock.  He was hard and throbbing and I was hard and brutal. Semen burst from the tip of his cock in a thick hot rush as I shoved my jeans and boxer briefs down with the other hand.

Trayton took ahold of my penis and repeated what I had just done to him.  We both came fast and fearious.

Then Trayton said that we still had business to take care of and I knew the fun was over.  He flipped me over on his lap and began lecturing about proper behavior while in a restaurant or public place's while delivering the spanking I so deserved.

"Are we clear on what just happened?" Trayton said as he delivered the last spank to drive the message home.

'Yes sir, it's clear Shane," I said through tears of remorse.

"Good, then go wash up and lets finish what we started," he said before he kissed me and delivered a warning swat as a reminder to be respectful.

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