The Best New Years Eve Ever

"Shane, buddy, are you ready and packed?" I want to be at the cottage by night fall, and there was a huge snowstorm heading our way.

"Yes sir," he said as he came sliding down the bannister to meet me at the end of the stairs.

As soon as he safely landed, I took his arm and turned him around. I swatted him twice on the behind, and sent him back upstairs, and made him walk down them the right way.

Once in the car, and things were settled, we were on our way for the eight hour ride to the Smoky Mountains where we have a cabin.

Six hours into the car ride, Shane became antsy. Suddenly he turned to me, and said he was going to be sick. As soon as I stopped the car he bolted out to a grassy area, and vomited until nothing else came up.

Walking up behind I rubbed his back until his stomach calmed down. After a few minutes I asked him if he was ok.

He nodded his head and said, "Yes, sir."

On the way back to the car, I asked Shane if he took his medication before we left.

"No," he said.

"Alright then, get in and get buckled we have a few more hours to go. I think you should nap a bit."

We arrived at the cottage just as the storm hit, and got settled in for the long weekend together.

Sometime later, Shane was looking out the of the window. I could tell he felt guilty by the way he stood. He turned and told me he was sorry he forgot to take his medicine.

I asked if he was feeling better and he said that the nap had helped; he was feeling better.

"You're forgiven, but let's not forget next time. OK, babe?"

"Yes sir," Shane said.

Walking up to him, I put my hand on his shoulder and said, "Why don't we both go and sit in front of the fireplace and unwind, and have some wine."

Shane gave me a sweet smile and said, "I'd like that."

I carried over a bottle of red wine and we both got comfortable in front of the fireplace. I watched as he sipped the wine. The wine stained his lips and I took his face in my hand. I placed a firm kiss on his lips tasting the wine. As my tongue entered his mouth meeting his, they intwined together. When I heard Shane moan I pulled away; only to see the lust in is eyes.

He said, "Make love to me."

Giving Shane an evil laugh, I said, "My wish is your command."

Grabbing Shane by the waist, I pulled him closer to where I could feel the bulge in his sweats, I knew he needed to release some stress; stress that came from time spent with his family; as his parents were having marriage issues. Shane had put in a lot more hours of work at the Carnation farm over the holidays.

Reaching up to Shane's mouth I passionately kissed his lips again, and then moving over to his ear slightly biting it. I trailed kisses down to his neck. After pulling off his shirt and sliding his sweats off, I resumed kissing his chest; moving over to one nipple sucking, and then moving to the other and doing the same.

Shane grabbed my hand to still me, and said, "Let me." He unbuttoned my shirt and jeans and slid them down. Soon we were both naked.

Grabbing my hands, he slightly pushed me to the floor; trailing kiss's down to my bellybutton. He slid his body down to where our penises met. As he took me in his mouth, I let out a moan. I couldn't wait any longer, I flipped him over to where Shane was on the bottom. Placing my hands at his waist, I lifted him up to where his legs were resting on my shoulders. I reached over to my duffle bag and pull out the lube. I squeezed out a fair amount on my erect penis and slowly started to slip inside him. As I eased in I then gently pulled out, then slid in further to where I hit the bundle of nerve endings. Shane grabbed the blanket and yelled out my name. I plunged in thrusting faster and faster until we both came.

Later as we laid by the fire, both exhausted, I was watching Shane doze. He looked up at me, and smiled and said Thank you for tonight. This is the best New Years Eve ever. I love you."

I brushed his hair back from his eyes, gave him a smile. "Shane baby, you're amazing. I love you too." After a refreshing nap we made love again; slowly this time.

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