First Christmas - The Gift

Another response to the WL Christmas Challenge

I was stopped at a red light, thinking about the first Christmas Shane and I had
together. I had some extra time before I went to pick up Shane from work. He
lost his license from speeding in a fifteen mph school zone. I had taken his
license away, and walloped his behind but good and grounded him until further
notice. I went into Jared's Jewelry store to pick up a gold bracelet that I had

Later that night I was sitting by the fire with the lights out and admiring how
beautiful our tree was with all our homemade ornaments. Our first ornament was
there that said `Trayton and Shane 2010.'

It was finally Christmas Eve, our guests just left, and I still had one last
gift to give.

Walking up behind Shane, I put my arms around his shoulders, and said I have a
special gift for you to open. Reaching in my pants pocket, I handed him a small
box. As I waited for Shane to open it, he gave me a smile, and I saw the
twinkle in his blue eyes that said all that I needed to know. Shane took the
box from me and opened it. There lying in the box was a gold bracelet that said,
`Trayton and Shane, December 25, 2010.' Shane gave me a smile and said "I love
you Trayton. I have something for you also."

I opened a wrapped box with a bow on it and discovered a 1/3 carat ring.
"Shane, you didn't have to buy this," I said.

Shane smiled at me and said, "I wanted to give you something that would be
special to you, as well to me."

Looking at the ring it said, `I love you from Shane December 25, 2010.'

Lying on the floor by the fireplace, I reached over to Shane and took his hand
and kissed it, and I knew he loved me also.

The End

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  1. This story makes me go awww cute. Sweet story Kristy thankyou.