The Fight

Characters: Trayton/Shane
Implement: Hand /Paddle
I am standing sobbing in the corner with my backside throbbing. Trayton had spanked me for putting myself in danger. I thought back to what lead up to me being here.
It was early in the day when I was asked to go out with friends, have a few beers and go to the new casino. I had taken $200.00 with me, which I lost playing poker. Sometime later, we had a few more beers and got out of control. The police came and escorted us out. Then without warning, I punched a police officer in the nose.
The police called Trayton and from what he later told me, caught him just as he was coming into the house. They told him to come and pick me up.
As I sat waiting for Trayton to come get me at the station, I thought about how much trouble I was in.
Once Trayton picked up my things at the front desk and paid the fine, we were on our way home.
"Trayton, I'm so very sorry,” I said as a tear ran down my bruised face.
Trayton gave me a look that always makes me freeze in my tracks and said we would discuss it when we get home.
Once home, Shane told me how disappointed he was and reminded me that I had made a promise not to start any fights. He said that's the one habit we needed to stop. With a pointed finger, he told me to sit.
I shook my head‘no’ and he repeated for me to sit, not to tell him ‘no’, not to argue and to start talking.
I sat down and explained the whole story about going to the new casino and gambling. I also told him about losing $200.00; as well as the sad tale of some punks coming by and the fight breaking out.
“So let me get this straight,” he said. “You took $200.00 from our house rent and went gambling. After losing it, you got into a fight, got arrested and ended up punching a police officer."
“Mmm," I gave him a week smile and obediently answered, “Yes sir.”
“Come here then,”he ordered.
As I slowly walked over to him, I saw the dreaded paddle sitting on the table and stopped.
“Trayton, please not that. I'm really sorry. It will never happen again.”
“Thank you, but this is a serious offense. Please come here.”
I walked over and with a firm hand he guided me over his lap.
“What is this spanking for?” he asked. When I didn't answer, he used his hand as a warning and repeated the question.
“Ok, ok,” I finally answered, near tears. “I broke my promise to you that I wouldn't start any fights and took the house rent and went to the casino.”
“Is that all?” he asked. Again, I didn't answer. With that, he yanked my jeans down to meet my ankles and brought the paddle down on my behind and said, “Shall we try again?”as he landed another crack to my backside and told me my boxers will be joining my jeans if I didn't start talking.
“Alright, I -umm-punched an officer in the nose.”
By the time he stopped paddling me, I was sobbing and being lectured on breaking promises and firmly walked over to the corner and told to put my hands on my head, stand still and to think about what I'd done.
So that is how I ended up here. It seems like I’ve spent hours standing here looking at the peeling paint and still feeling angry.
Of course, it has only been about twenty minutes. I heard him walking up behind me and felt his hand on my shoulder. I immediately calmed down and the anger was gone.
Turning around, I reached for him and we end up hugging each other and I apologized for the way I'd behaved.
“Thank you,” he said and told me I was forgiven. “Please go and get your notebook and the dictionary and sit at the kitchen table. I want you to write, ‘I will not break any more promises’one hundred times and then write the definition of gambling fifty times.
“Fine,” I said and rolled my eyes.
Before I sat down, Trayton caught my arm and said, “We can add another fifty for rolling your eyes.”
I gave him a hard look and then hung my head. "Umm, sorry,” I said.
“Alright then,”he said and kissed my forehead and told me to get busy.
It took me a few hours but I finished and took up my notebook over to Trayton and handed it to him.
“Is everything done in your notebook?”
“Yes sir.”
“Thank you, Shane”he said and smiled. “Why don't we head up and have a shower?”
Once upstairs we both undress and soon in all our glory. He gave me a wicked smile and we both fell on the bed and had the most wonderful erotic sex ever. We both lay there exhausted.
I once again apologized for the way I’d acted.
“Sweetheart, we took care of it and you are forgiven. But just to be clear that; it will not happen again. If it does, we will come back and do it again. So how bout we go shower and then go for round two?”
“Oh Trayton,” I gushed. “I love you!”
The End

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