(This continues from 'Obey Me'.)

After about fifteen minutes of standing in the corner, I called my lover over to me. He was subdued and quiet. Holding out my arms, he walked up and leaned into me. We cuddled for awhile and took the time to reconnect since I had been away.

"How about we have dinner," I said to him. "Afterward we can head upstairs and talk."

I felt his nod of agreement as he continued to snuggle into me.

Once dinner was over, I told him I would finish up the dishes and lock up and for him to go on up and get ready bed. At his pleading look, I told him I'd be up in a minute.

After I quickly finished up the chores, I went into the bedroom. I found my lover sitting on the bed picking at the hem of his shirt and not looking at me.

"Please look at me while we talk. We need to talk about why the door was not locked," I told him.

He said he was sorry and it was a mistake.

Since I'd been away for so long, I accepted his apology quickly and made a hurried decision on punishment.

I went over to the nightstand and pulled out paper and pen and told him to write: How I can keep myself safe, fifty times.

He looked up at me with half of a smile and asked, "So does this mean I'm grounded?"

I gave my lover a smile and said, "You bet."

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