Bedtime Swat

"Shane, buddy, it's time to rap things up,"  I said.  "Please turn off the computer and come to bed."

"I will in a minute. I have a little more to do on ordering more carnations,"  He answered.  "You go on up. I'll be up in five minutes."

"Alright five minutes only, then turn it off," Trayton said.  Then I swatted his husband to warn him there will be more to come if he didn't obey my orders.

Five minutes passed, then ten minutes, then twenty minutes, finally after twenty-five minutes, I went downstairs to find Shane still working on the computer.

Shane didn't hear me come downstairs so I leaned in the door way of the study arms and legs crossed. He looked up when I made a noise sounding like a throat being cleared.

"Shane turn off the computer now!" I growled.

"Please, Trayton," Shane begged, "just a few more minutes please, then I'll be done."

"No Shane, save your work and turn it off."

Shane decided he wasn't going to budge and crossed his arms and his feet on the desk and was determined to finish what he started and tried to ignore me all together.

'Ok,' Trayton thought to himself, 'If Shane wants to play this game, I'm all for it.'

With that I went over to the computer, saved his work and turned the computer off.  Then I lifted Shane up by the arm and turned him around and swatted his butt three times, then marched him upstairs to bed.

Some time later as we made love, Shane whispered in my ear apologizing for being a brat.

I gave my husband a smile and a swat to let him know what is in store for the next day.

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