Sitting Still

Trayton answered the phone while I put away the groceries.
As I put the last item away in the cupboard, Trayton magically appeared behind me giving me wet willies and telling me I smelled good and tasted good.
'Mmm, it must be the chocolate cake I had earlier,’ I thought.
“Who was that?” I asked.
Giving me a pinch on the butt, he said that it was his mother and that they made dinner plans tonight and will be here in a hour.
“Come on Trayton, do we have to go?  I just want us to be alone and have a few beers and watch the ball game together,” I whined.
“Please go get ready,” he said, “they'll be here soon.”
“Fine,” I snapped and stomped off.
Arriving at Friday's Trayton noticed my unpleasent mood.
After parking the car and getting out Trayton grabbed my wrist he told his parents to on in and find a seat, and that we'll be in a minute.
Once everyone was out of earshot, Trayton with his hand on my wrist turns me around and landed a hard swat just enough to settle me, then said “Let that be a warning.”
Once inside and seated everyone but me had ordered.  I was getting antsy so it took me a long time to order. Finally Traytron ordered for me since I couldn't make up my mind.
“Please sit still, Shane.” Trayton whispered in my ear.
We all had two rounds of beer. I ordered a third and when it came Trayton took and asked the waiter to bring ice water.
The waiter came back, putting the water by me.  I couldn’t help getting fidgety.
“Excuse us,” Trayton said getting up, “Shane, come with me.”
I glared up at him then kept right on talking to his parents and ignored him.
“Shane,” he said again in a tone that clearly said his blood pressure went up a little.
I saw his eyebrow raise, and knew I needed to he cooperate.  I walked with him to the bathroom.
''You,' my friend are in need of an attitude adjustment,” with that Trayton quickly unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down to my ankles. He turned me to his right and peppered my behind until it turned rosy red.
Before we left the bathroom Trayton said that I was to behave and sit still and not move a muscle until it was time to leave.
“Wash up now and go on out,” he told me.

Looking back at Trayton, I was smiling as I went back to the table to sit and not move a muscle. I knew things were good again.

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