Attitude Adjustment

Standing in the corner, I was thinking about how I got myself in this position. It started at supper that night when I had mouthed off to Trayton about his stupid rules. I didn't want to follow them anymore. I took off and went to one of the bars in town that I was not allowed to be at.
I drank about eight beers and a few shots of whiskey. A couple of guys came over and started  hitting on me.
"Excuse me but I like to left alone" I was polite but firm. Then my cell went off; it was a text from Trayton telling me to get my butt home now or he was coming after me. I ignored the call and went on drinking my beer. My cell rang two more times and again I didn't answer it.
"Excuse me, sir I think you've had enough to drink", the bartender said.
Instead of arguing I decided to leave. As I was walking out Trayton was walking in. His eye's were like icicles.
"Not one word from you until we get home," he said as he took me by the arm.
Which leads me here looking at the corner.
Trayton left me to calm down and think about what I'd done. Soon I heard him behind me telling that we needed to talk about my behavior.
Not quite ready to talk, I mouthed off again saying, "Whatever."
"Pardon me." I heard Trayton say. "Please look at me when I'm talking to you. I told you no about going that bar once before. It's a bad place to go."
Just as he said that I turned around and ran to the bathroom and vomited in the toilet.Trayton came in and wiped my forehead with a washrag. Once I'd finished he told me to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. He gave me a long hard kiss on the lips and a swat.
"We'll talk about your punishment tomorrow," Trayton said.
Trayton was in the shower when I went in to relieve myself. The water turned off, and there was Trayton in all his glory.
"Get showered and dressed. You have five minutes and I want you at the breakfast table," he said.
We ate in silence.
"Are you finished?" he asked when I'd just pushed the food around on the plate.
I nodded.
"Good then lets go in the study," He said.
Once in he pointed to a chair, telling me to sit.
"Trayton I'm really sorry" I said, hoping to save my butt.
"Not as sorry as you're going to be. You,young man, are in a lot of trouble. Your attitude needs to change right now. First, I'm the one who makes the rules in this relationship and for you to obey them, Second is you giving me talk-back. And thirdly, you went to the bar when I told you no. Then to top it off, you took the car while you are on restriction.
By this time I was in tears. Once the lecture was over Trayton went to the desk and pulled out a small ping pong paddle.
"Come here, Shane," he said sternly.
I walked slowly then stopped shook my head no. He took my arm and pulled me over his knees and asked me what is this spanking for?
I mumbled "For disobeying to follow the rules and for sassing you. And for taking the car.
With that the spanking began.
It was sometime later when I'd calmed down we sat in our favorite love chair and talked. Trayton told me that I was the love of his life. He said that he'd let things slide, but that he was going to be tougher from now on. Trayton added another week of restriction saying he'd continue to drive me to work. Then he said the best thing.
"Why don't we go upstairs and I'll show you how much I love you."
The End.

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