In response to the WL Christmas Challenge.

It was nearing the time my family would arrive for our annual Christmas dinner.
Shane had just walked in with a bag of groceries, and started to put them away.
Our Traditional meal on Christmas Eve is cold cuts, Italian wedding soup, and
Jell-O shots, and of course Christmas cookies.

When they were sitting around table everyone was talking about their Christmas
traditions. Shane spoke up and said in his house their family's tradition was
that each member in the family does something as a gift for the Christ Child.

Later Shane walked into the garage and brought in a huge Bear that was carved
out of wood. "Trayton, remember when we were in Vail and you wanted to see a
bear?" Shane said. Well, I made this for our front porch."

"Thank you, that's really nice."

Trayton walked up to Shane and handed him a photo album that said, "Trayton &
Shane's memory book of photo's 2010 to 2012.

Shane gave Trayton a smile and said, "Thank you. I will cherish it forever."
Then he took Trayton's hand and kissed it, and said "I love you"!

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