Green Boots

After putting in a long day at the Carnation farm, Shane decided to stop at one
of the largest flea markets in the Philly area.

While there, he saw a booth with windchimes hanging above, and some interesting gifts you wouldn't see anywhere else. Out of the corner his eye, he saw the perfect
gift for Trayton's birthday, which falls the day after valentine's day.

There laying on the table were a pair of green rubber boots.

Shane thought those would be awesome to buy for him.

He kept staring at them. He thought about it some more and finally decided to buy

Walking into the kitchen, Shane saw Trayton sitting at the table having a cup of
coffee and reading the paper.

Shane gave Trayton a smile, said that he had a birthday present for him, and
wanted him to open it.

Trayton took the package and began to open it. All of sudden Trayton gave him a
funny look and said "Green boots? You bought me green boots? You little devil."

Then reaching out, Trayton pulled Shane closer to him and kissed him. Laughing,
he said, "I'll get you for this." And then he said, "I love you."

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