Our Amazing Honeymoon

(Shane's POV)
We got to the airport and went through Customs, then headed to our gate.
 As we sat waiting for our boarding call, I got to thinking about the last twenty-four hours; of our wedding and what a beautiful day it had been.
 "Shane, Shane,” Trayton said as he brought me out of my daydreaming. ''It's time to board the plane. Do you need to use the restroom? It's a four hour flight and you, my love, don't do very well on long trips,"
Giving Trayton a 'don't bother me' look, I responded, "No I'm fine.'' Then I bent down and picked up our suitcase.
Trayton turned me so I was facing him and said, "No what?" as he raised his eyebrows.
 “No sir, I'm good.''
 Grabbing up the rest of our luggage, we boarded our flight. 
We were only into our flight a couple of hours when the feeling of pain when you're in need of the bathroom hit me
Trayton sat there getting a little annoyed at me, until he finally turned to me and asked, "What was the last thing I said to you before we boarded?''
Looking over at Trayton, I hesitated before responding, "I umm, was to use the restroom before we left as I don't do well on long trips.”
Trayton nodded. “Thank you.”
When I still gave him a look of pain, he said, ''Go on and make it snappy.  Once you get back you are to sit on your hands and be still and think about the discussion we just had.''
It was a long boring forty minutes until Trayton  gave the okay and my hands were free. I picked up a book and read the rest of the way.
The loud speaker came on telling everyone to fasten their seatbelts and turn off all electronics and prepare for landing. 
Once we collected our luggage, we got a taxi and headed to the lodge.  We checked in and made ourway up to the cabin. We walked up to the door, and Trayton unlocked it, dropped our bags,   picked me up and walked in.
He dropped me on the couch and leaned in to place placing passionate kisses all over my face. Then we both stripped and made passionate love.
‘Oh, how I love these moments,’ I thought.
Couple of hours later we both decided to get up to get settled and unpacked
The cabin had a one bedroom, a bathroom and a hot tub out on the deck that overlooked a waterfall. walking through the rest of the cabin, we found a bottle of champagne, a box of candies and a deck of playing cards that said ‘101 sex positions from mild to wild’.
Grabbing the deck of cards, I shoved them in my pocket as we headed back to the bedroom.
Trayton whispered in my ear saying he horny He grabbed my crotch with his right hand and unbuttoned my shorts with his left. They slid down to my feet and I stepped out of them, while he massaged my fully erectmember.
Pushing me onto the bed, he leaned over to trail kisses my stomach while using one hand to unbutton his shorts before sliding them off.
He grabbed the lube from the duffle bag sitting by the bed, slathered a liberal amount on his fingers and me, and slowly eased in, making sure to hit nerve endings.
Then with a show of force, I turned us both to where I was on top and Trayton was on the bottom. We continued thrusting until both felt our individual releases.
Exhausted from our lovemaking, we both fell into a restful sleep. 
The next few days were filled with sightseeing, fishing, golfing, and yachting. We spent the last two days at the beach and the spa that overlooked the rain forest ravine.
While at the spa, I secretly slipped away and ordered room service for our last night and for breakfast the next morning. Then I quietly snuck back in before Trayton figured it out I left.
''Shane, Shane!” Trayton repeatedly called to my attention as I was daydreaming and relaxed from being in the sauna.
"Yes, Trayton, I'm coming!”
Back at the cabin, a nice surprise waited for us; our dinner came with wine and chocolates.
Lying in bed later on, Trayton turned so he was facing me, and chuckled as he then placed soft butterfly kisses on my face. “What an amazing honeymoon this was, and I'm so glad I have you, my love, to spend it with.”
The next morning, we dressed and had breakfast. After checking to make sure we had everything, wechecked out, got a taxi and headed for the airport.
Once again we got through Customs and headed for our gate, and sat and waited.
Picking up a book to read, Trayton turned to me, gave me a hard stare and cleared his throat. I ignored himand kept on reading. Trayton again cleared his throat, but this time he raised his eyebrows. So without saying a word, I got up and  made my way to the men's restroom.
By the time I back, we were ready to board. Trayton leaned into me and whispered in my ear, ''We do not ignore each other when asked to do something.'' Then he swatted me and said, ''We that be a warning.''
Back at home and lying on our bed, Trayton turned to face me. ''What an awesome honeymoon.”
Giving him a smile, I answered with, "Our amazing honeymoon!" Then I leaned into the man of my dreams for a snuggle, placing my nose in his soft hair and breathing in the smell of his shampoo.
"Our amazing honeymoon indeed,” Trayton agreed. “I love you, buddy.”
“Love you too, Trayton.”
The End

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